Activities in Bali

Don’t missed try activities in bali before leave…….

Together with bali driver, driver in bali and bali tour, For those who want to activities in bali which is more than just sunbathing, shopping, or sightseeing on your holiday, Bali is the place for you. The Landscape of Bali provides an adrenaline rush for everyone, Challenging treks, water sport, horse riding, golf, etc. Infobalidriver could accompany you to try some activities in bali before leave, so don’t miss it…

  • Marina Sport Package Tour, the great bali activities our team will accompany you to get enjoy your holiday with funs and challenges of Marine Sport activities. Riding Banana Boat, fly with Parasailing. Enjoy beautiful underwater panoramas with Glass Bottom Boat, Snorkeling, Diving and visit Turtle Island, or pump your adrenalin with Jet Ski, Water Ski, Fly Fish, Try your lucky day with Coral and Trawling Fishing.
  • Bali White Water Rafting, Bali white water rafting is spectacular experience on the great water rafting with amazing panorama of riverbank and surrounding area.Bali have many spectacular river, two of the best river for rafting is Ayung river in Ubud area and Telaga Waja river in Klungkung area. Both or that river have own special fantastic rapids that must you try
  • Elephant safari riding, Tourism in Bali elephant ride or Elephant Safari riding, is the ideal family when tourism in Bali, this tour took place in the tourist village of Bakas, Banjarangkan, Klungkung.
  • Horse Riding, You want to tour a truly different? Try if ever how it feels riding a horse around the coast and the green nature in Bali. Riding horses in the countryside remembered past before any vehicle. All tour are accompanied by one or more grooms and beginner riders can be led on tours.
  • Morning dolphins & Lakes Batur, Dolphin is a kind of mammal that live in water. This animal is absolutely no danger to human. Drive early morning to north of Bali, Lovina Beach. By motorboat you can witness the attraction of the friendly dolphins dance welcoming the sunrise
  • Volcano Climbing Tour, Join us for amazing sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur Bali and get experience the awesome beauty of an active volcano.
  • Bali Golf, Golfers come from all over the world to play on Bali’s three top class 18-hole championship golf courses, which are set in contrasting coastal and mountain locations (one is even inside a dormant volcano!). These magnificent playgrounds are open to non-members.
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