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Balinese Art

Balinese art

The Balinese has no words for ‘Art’ and ‘Artist’ because, traditionally, art has never been regarded as something to be treasured for its own sake. Art is just a part of everyday life, palaces, or festivals. Even the simplest activities are carried out with care, precision and artistic flair. Bali driver could be accompany you to visit balinese art.

half day tour with bali driver

Traditionally, most visitors to the island have found the greatest concentration of the arts in and around Ubud. Ubud is the centre of Balinese paintings. Ubud’s Museum, ‘Puri Lukisan’ hosts the collection of modern works of Balinese art dating from the turn of the century. There are several art galleries and homes of famous artists, such as the Dutch born Hans Snel and Spaniard Antonio Blanco.

No one should miss the charm of Museum Puri Lukisan. Officially opened in 1956, it was built to preserve the heritage of their foundation, the Pita Maha association. The central building houses treasures of both painting and sculpture from the pre-WWII period.

Another well-known museum is Neka Art Museum. Founded in 1976 by Ubud born Pande Wayan Suteja Neka, it has one of the most comprehensive public collections of Balinese and Indonesia art. The museum is laid out in seven pavilions housing seven principal collection.

In Werdhi Budaya Art Center, you can find a tertiary level conservatorium and a Dance and Drama School for traditional Balinese performing arts.

While in the Museum Le Mayeur, about 200m to the north of Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, you can find the painting of Ni Polok, a local Balinese woman. Ni Polok, wife of Le Mayeur, was a famous traditional Bali dancer.

Mas is the village of wood carvers, where many of Bali’s old masters still live. Art galleries exhibit some of their best works. Visitors can go through the Balinese style houses to view the carved wooden pillars and the artists instructing their apprentices.

Batuan is known for its dancing, wood panel carvings and paintings. whilst, Batubulan village in the northeast of Denpasar, is famous for its stone carvings and antiques, you can find a range of stone figures displayed along the road side. Here, divinities and demons are carved from sandstone for ornaments of houses and temples. You can visit workshops to watch the artists work.

There is also the village of Celuk noted for its gold and silver works of jewelry made using age-old techniques. Those in search of batik clothing or material should not miss Gianyar which has at least 40 different textile factories, offering a little something for everyone.

Source from The Official guide to Bali Complimentary

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