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Volcano climbing Tour

Join us for amazing sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur Bali and get experience the awesome beauty of an active volcano

Early morning we are directly going to Mount Batur to make a climbing. Trekking in the cool early morning darkness climbers will pass the rock, white wood forest, casuarinas trees and sandy land before arriving at the top of the mountain. Continue reading

Horse Riding Tours

Get your tour a truly different with Horse Riding

You want to tour a truly different? Try if ever how it feels riding a horse around the coast and the green nature in Bali. Riding horses in the countryside remembered past before any vehicle. All tour are accompanied by one or more grooms and beginner riders can be led on tours. After being welcome at our Stables, receive a full safety briefing from our professional grooms before embarking on a memorable horse riding experience.

We will take you to the some location of the horse riding and you can chose where location you like.

  • The first  are located on the coast, at the Seaside village of Yeh Gangga, just west of most photographed and one of Bali’s most sacred places, Tanah Lot. The scenery is beautiful in this peaceful village, where rice farming, fishing and sea salt harvesting are the main activities. Gently sloping rice terraces fringe a sparkling black Continue reading

Elephant Cave Temple (Pura Goa Gajah)

A short story about the elephant cave temple

Located in West of Bedulu Village, BlahBatuh district and Gianyar regency, it’s about 26 kilometers from Denpasar City or 1 hour from the airport.

The elephant Cave is one of the heritage sites in the archipelago. Actually Goa Gajah is building a temple, but because of it’s shape resembles an elephant then called Elephant Cave Temple (Pura Goa Gajah). Continue reading

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Let’s go to vacation …………….

And let’s exploration of the beauty island of Bali by visiting tourist objects contained in this island with Info Bali Driver in Bali.

Bali may be small in size, but small obviously doesn’t mean limited. Bali is the most attractive vacation spot. Besides being supported by a number of means of accommodation, Bali also rich in tourist attractions frequently visited. Starting from the natural attractions, arts and culture, to all the tourist attractions in Bali. To enjoy all the beauty offered by the island of Bali, is required for an activity or tour the streets are more commonly called the tour activities. offers a range of transportation and driver tour guide services, Airport pick up transfer, Bali activities, Bali private tour guide, and Bali car rental.

Our Driver Team over than 15 years experience in Bali tourism industry with worldwide clientele business or vacation, we are ready to help you exploring and experience the magnificent island of Bali. We will guide and show you the real Bali…villages, compounds and houses, beautiful rice fields, stunning beaches, memorable sunsets, temples, ceremonies, local arts, crafts and more!

Taking an assistance of professional tour and travel not only will save your time and efforts, but also it offers safety. You may simply choose these tours and travels’ ready-made packages or get them help you to pack your desired tour and find accommodation that suit you best and we are infobalidriver with pleasure will provide you wiht the best deals in Bali.

We are also able to assist you to find the right place to stay, to eat and to shop. Bali hotels and villas, Bali good foods and restaurants, art galleries, shopping arcades and malls.

How to arrange

So if you are ready to go to Bali then we are ready to help. please contact me by email or phone to confirm with your details – arrival and departure dates, number of guests in your party, flight information and other special requests you may have.and we will get back to you shortly with all information requested.

Bali Island is well known as an island of the god, Thousand of Temple or Heaven Island and a lot of name given by people in the world who have ever been in Bali. Bali Island is strategically located in the tropical situation and the geographically of this island is consisted of mountain, valley, lake, flat area and beautiful white sandy beach and warms blue seawater. Bali Island is also well known, as an island owns rich of cultures, beautiful Balinese Dances and magnificent landscape panorama from the top hill down to the sea. In this site, we provides complete information about place of interest in Bali, places to visit, tourist sites, destinations, tourist object, and what to see in Bali.