Elephant Safari riding

Elephant Safari riding

Bakas, Klungkung

Bali driver, driver in bali, and bali tour will accompany you to the elephant activity. Tourism in Bali elephant ride or Elephant Safari riding, is the ideal family when tourism in Bali, this tour took place in the tourist village of Bakas, Banjarangkan, Klungkung. Pioneered by Nyoman Levi in 1995, the park itself is called Bakas Elephant Tour. Center for rafting activities in River soar in Bakas Village, District Banjarangkan. This area is pollution free and far from industrial areas, are still green and lots of rocks. Enjoy the natural beauty of flora and fauna in the countryside, along the banks of the river and persawahaan. Travelling with families and children to get to know the environment is very pity to miss it. Driving with bali driver can be taken degan 1.5 hours drive from the airport.

Taro Gianyar

Elephant Safari Park Taro is an activity that you can make as an option when you travel on vacation to the island of Bali. Elephant Safari Park Taro is commonly known as Elephant Taro travel adventure will take us to enjoy the natural beauty around the village of Taro, Elephant ride about 30 minutes-an.
Elephant Safari Park at Taro you’ll also see a variety of performing elephants are cute funny that you laugh over there. You will see an elephant paint, elephants playing football, basketball and a few elephants other performances. Elephant is located in the tourist village of Taro Ubud Gianyar  Bali. Bali driver, driver in bali, and bali tour take you about 40 minutes drive from Ubud area and about 1.5 hours drive from Kuta .

All the Elephants at the park were rescued form deforestation in Central and Southern Sumatra. Feel like the king  of the jungle on a unique 35 minute unforgettable journey through tranguil forested areas. Finish the safari with an exciting elephant splash in the Parks bathing lake.

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