Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance
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Music and dance are so entrenched in Bali that it is regrettable if a visit does not include at least one dance performance, not only for the cultural enrichment but also because whatever money the dancers earn goes back to the Banjar (village community).

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The Kecak is one of the most exhilarating and unique as it is not accompanied by musical instruments but by the voice of a large group of bare chested men. They chant what sounds like the chatter of monkeys (“Kechak, kechak”) but with a variety of rhythms and tones. They represent the monkey army which helps the hero of the Ramayana Epic, Rama, to vanquish the evil Rahwana and rescue Sita. Kecak’s origins lie in traditional Sanghyang (trance) dances which were modified in the 1930s to include part of the Ramayana.

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Kecak is often followed by the Sanghyang Dedari dance by young girls who dance legong – style as if in a dream. The Sanghyang Jaran dance if performed by an entranced boy who dances around and on burning coconut husks. If you miss seeing the kecak in Ubud, Batubulan, Pemogan which has performance in a covered auditorium.




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