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In Lontar (holy book) “Usana Bali” it is mentioned that the Rejang is symbol of Widyadari or an angel come down to earth at the time of Lord leads of melasti or God ceremony.

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Rejang Dewa Dance is basically dance on offer to the Gods ruling nine cardinal directions (Dewa Nawa Sanga) or can also be regarded as a welcome dance for the Gods. Dancers who dance it must be women who have not had my period. therefore generally that this dance is children of primary school age.

Dance movements are quite simple, first nine dancers to march, while playing the scarf, then a circle resembling nine winds, and marched around the temple area clockwise three times.

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The Rejang Dance ( Balinese sacred dance ) is a collective women’s dance. It is a sacrificial dance in which symbol the offerings to the God are the dancers themselves. The Rejang dancers must be girls who are still pure, often even little girls six years of age.

The dancers are led by a Pemangku (temple-priest) who dances foremost. Behind him is a row of Rejang dancers, holding a piece of thread which is held by the Pemangku and passed on backwards. Sometimes they use fans, sometimes not. The rhythm of the Rejang Dance is very slow and the movements so simply that any girl can dance then.

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