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Ogoh Ogoh Bali

Ogoh Ogoh Bali on Nyepi day 

Bali is very thick with cultural nuances that makes the island paradise is becoming one of the world’s tourist destination.

OGOH OGOH BALI …. what is that.

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Ogoh Ogoh Bali, If you vacation in Bali on March exatly on this year is on March 11th, 2013, May be you can see about this tradition, and you can see the Ogoh Ogoh bali parade in almost all the village in Bali with Bali Driver

Ogoh Ogoh bali “is a masterpiece sculpture depicting Balinese culture personality” Bhuta Kala “and has become an icon in the tradition of ritual that is very important in the welcome Nyepi Day or New Year Saka. Entire Hindu Dharma will be happy to welcome the new year with procession paraded “ogoh-ogoh” that coincided with an idea of what has happened and has been done so far. At the time “Pangrupukan” or a day before Nyepi (Silent day), the events and the procession every year is the same on each Banjar (smaller then village) Bali will compete in terms of making “ogoh-ogoh” as interesting as possible. When making more artistic merit, complicated, and more recently, the “ogoh-ogoh” that is expected to raise the dignity of Banjar made.

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The main function “ogoh-ogoh” Bhuta Kala is a representation made before the celebration of Nyepi (Silent) Day , where “ogoh-ogoh” will be paraded around the rollicking banjar or village at dusk the day before Nyepi (Pangrupukan). According to scholars and practitioners of Hindu Dharma, this procession symbolizes the conviction of the power of human beings and the universe a mighty powerful. That power includes the power “Bhuana Agung” (the Earth) and “Bhuana Alit” (human). In view of philosophy (tattwa), it can deliver power in the universe of living things, especially humans can achieve happiness or destruction. It all depends on the intention noble man, as a creature of God’s most noble in keeping himself and the rest of the world. We are info bali driver will be pleasure if you use our service to accompany you and your Family or friends to see this parade.

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In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala symbolizes the power of the universe (bhu) and time (kala) the immeasurable and undeniable. In the embodiment of the statue in question, “Bhuta Kala” was described as being a big scary and generally a giant form (rakshasa). Giant meat-eating is the nation’s human or sometimes as a nation of cannibals and described in “Yakshagana”, a popular art of “Karnataka”. According to Hindu mythology and Buddhist states, the word “rakshasa” has the meaning of “cruelty”, which is the opposite of the word “Raksha” means “peace”. But not all have such cruel giants, such Wibisana, Hiranyaksa, and Hiranyakasipu, who got the blessing of the gods because they worship the god Brahma. According to the Ramayana book outlines, the giant was created from the feet of Brahma. Meanwhile, according to another story, they are derived from a figure Pulastya, Khasa, Nirriti, and Nirrita.


In the presence of the procession “Ogoh-Ogoh” which has become a tradition that adds to the appeal is both foreign tourists and the archipelago. Because in addition has a beautiful tourist spots, Bali also has a rich culture which is the mainstay of tourism. Feeling incomplete when tourists visit not see the procession “Ogoh-Ogoh” to welcome Nyepi Day or Bali New Year

More Picture of Ogoh Ogoh

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Melukat (Ritual Purification) with Bali Driver


Info bali driver with pleasure to info about ” Melukat “ Balinese Ritual Purification

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Ritual Purification is an important aspect of Hindu culture. It is necessary, in particular, before entering any temple and can be done as a special ceremony for healing and spiritual development. Most temples here in Bali contain small springs, as all rituals include a sprinkling of holy water. But there are some temples in Bali which are situated at springs at these temples Melukat is the main goal of visitation.

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The most well known place for Melukat is Tirta Empul – Tampak Siring approximately 1 hour north of Ubud or 1.5 hours from Bali Airport. The residence of the first Indonesia President is located on the closest hill because the place is both holy and beautiful. A big pond collects water from many springs around a temple. You submerge yourself dressed in a sarong only after engaging in a small ritual at the shrine on the bank. Standing in the water, you bow down before each spring, putting your head under the stream of water. After taking a drink from this stream one continues on the next one. Everybody always feels calm and happy after flushing away all impurities from one’s body, mind and soul. After changing from a wet sarong into a dry one, you go to the main temple in order to perform a ritual of gratitude to the god of this place and also to all of the gods.

An other place for purification is smaller and closer to Ubud, being located in Tegalalang. This is natural waterfall with an open temple on the bank, where you can submerge yourself in the stream (dressed in sarong only). Of course, it is not just the bathing in crystal water but the worship of the gods that is required for real success. Because the temple is so small, you will rarely see a priest there. Balinese people ferform all the necessary rituals by themselves, while westerners should bring a priest along with them (If they really want to do everything in a proper manner). We could organized individual and group to bali tours with great bali driver to the place as Info Bali Driver has team for this situation. We will with pleasure to accompany you there, just contact us one or two days before you wish to make the trip.

Source : Ubud Community, by Atma Ananda & Made Mangku