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Bali Jewellery and Silver

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There are thousands of jewellery and silver manufactures in Bali, mainly in the village of Celuk, near Ubud. Here, silver rings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories are produced by master craftsmen, whose intricate skills and trade secrets have been passed down through generation of families. Using traditional techniques and the most basic of tools, the Balinese silversmiths handcraft their jewellery from silter that is mined in other parts of Indonesia, brought to Bali and then combined with small amounts of copper (usually 75%)to form sterling silver.

half day tourBalinese work is nearly always handmade and rarely produced by casting. Each component is created from sterling silver sheets, which are cut, shaped, soldered, filed, finished and fabricated into intricate designs, enhanced by a technique called granulation, where small pellets and tiny coiled silver wires are heated until soft enough to adhere to the piece, in order to form a pattern or decorative feature. This is considered to be a very skilled technique as the heat must be perfectly controlled to solder the delicate wire or silver pellets to the underlying silver without damaging it. The jewellery is also set with a wide variety of precious and semi precious gemstones. Styles are distinctive, often highly ornate with fine filigree work, and constantly imitated.

The village of Celuk boasts three kilometers of main road and backstreet full of silver workshops and outlets. You will also find silversmiths in the village of Singapadu, one and a half kilometers northwest of Celuk. In both these places you will need to bargain like mad for a decent price. Scores of metallurgists and jewellery also live and work in Banjar Sangging in tghe vicinity of Samsan, producing by ancient methods delicately ornamented large silver and gold bowls.

Celuk is not a jewellery shop, but a whole village of silversmiths, some of whom also work with gold. There are literally hundreds of skilled craftsmen operating from workshops within the village, which is not far from Ubud. Price in this area is very competitive and the quality handmade products are similar and constantly copied. It is very hard to select the budget range retail outlets that are the best value for money. Despite the fixed prices, bargaining is essential and you will be able to by jewellery in Celuk for much lower prices than you would have to pay in Europe or America. Silver pieces are generally weighed and sold by the gram.

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